I've had a crazy last 12 months, going from zero to doing over $15,000+ per month in sales...AND in that, I'm so thankful for all the people that have helped me along the way, BUT I'm ultimately choosing to REMEMBER that it is the LORD who gives us the power to get and create wealth!

Thank you Jesus for your direction, guidance, and impartation of your wisdom! The gospel of Christ is the greatest treasure that exists!  There is no substitute for the power of His anointing, and the grace to tap into the mind of Christ...

I started promoted the EZ Money Formula consistently at the beginning of April 2013 (just 28 days ago at the time of this blog post), and the results have been amazing for me.

Click here to get started with the EZ Money Formula!

I haven’t shared this with those on my list or Facebook Fan Page yet, as I wanted to prove this program first before sharing it with people.

Over 90% of my sales have come from “brand new traffic” (not my current email contacts or contacts)!  That is what I love about this marketing funnel.  It converts with brand new traffic.

I have made over $1,200 with GVO and Pure Leverage (not counting the 7 or 8 sales I’ve also gotten in Empower Network on the back end). 

…But wait there’s more (LOL)!

GVO and Pure Leverage commissions are RESIDUAL, meaning you get paid each and every month that that customer remains a customer.

NOTE:  With GVO and Pure Leverage, you get paid 100% commissions the first month, and then 50% commission each month after that!

Watch the full video above and then get started by clicking the link below!

Click here to get started with the EZ Money Formula!

Be blessed,

James Starr


This is hilarious! Watch this car salesman’s face as Jeff Gordon takes him for a ride…

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PS. If you want to quit your job so you can stay at home and watch funny videos like this, then click here for more information…

secret societyI struggled to make money online for years.  I remember beginning to think that the only people who made money online consistently were probably part of some sort of secret society.  But then…

…I broke through…

And I found 3 things that changed my “internet income life” (if I can call it that)…

1. A high converting affiliate system that paid me 100% commissions, was instantly set up for me, and paid me FAST (allowing me to scale my business by reinvesting my profits back into advertising…

2. Real training on how to get traffic (the kind of traffic that requires no skill or creativity to get)…

3. A simple formula to follow that doubled (and in some cases tripled) my sales from the same traffic…

Ironically (this is usually not the case with affiliate systems), you can get all 3 of those things here…

tire factoryBefore I go any further, I want to share a little piece of information.  I am not a guru.  I don’t even work online full time.  I have a full time job at a tire factory, of all places.  And my schedule sucks…

…I work a rotating shift, meaning that one week I will work during the day, the next week I will work at night.  I also have a 19 month old baby girl and a beautiful wife that I love spending my time with.  So I am only able to implement this formula about 10 hours per week…

I say that only to say this…ANYBODY, and I mean ANYBODY can follow the formula I’m about to share with you to make money part time, ALL online, all on the side without ever picking up the phone!

Are you ready to see the formula?

…here it is…

Always Be Selling Your Last Results

This formula is so simple, and you might have even heard it or seen people do it before.  But soooooooo few people do this, it’s ridiculous.

Here it is…

Always be selling your last result.  What does that mean?  It means, no matter how small your results are, share them with the world!

When you join Empower Network, or any business in the network marketing/internet marketing niche for that matter, all it takes to make consistent money is to sell your last result.

So here’s an example.  You join me in Empower Network, and follow my simple instructions (literally, they are instructions of a 6th grade level).  If you follow them, you should get 10-40 leads your first day of implementing them.  Getting leads is a result. 

This means that you now have 10-40 people on your list your very first day following our simple little instructions.  You have just completed the first part of this formula.

You got RESULTS (ex: 25 leads)!

Now, use Camtasia Studio (30 day free trial) or Jing (free) to record a screen capture video (the software will record your screen while you talk into the microphone) with you showing proof of your results.  If you are not able to use one of these tools, then just do a regular video (showing your face) with your webcam, phone, or video camera.

So all you will do is hit record, and start telling people how you just joined Empower Network with me, followed our simple instructions, and got 25 leads your first day!  In the video, you share with them how you can teach them how to get traffic just like you, when they join you in Empower Network (or whatever business you are promoting).

Then upload this video to Youtube, and send the link out to your list (even if it is tiny).  Also, you can share this video on Facebook and Twitter.  Make sure to put the join link to your business in the description field of your Youtube video.

Consistency Is The Key

Consistency is the key to doubling or even tripling your income with this formula.  You may not get a sale or new member signup with that first video.  But if you put traffic through the front end of your funnel consistently for 1-2 weeks, and you keep showing proof of traffic, then there is a great chance you will get sales (please refer to our income disclosure)…this is how I built my business from ZERO to over 5K/mo online in 90 days.

Here’s where it gets FUN!  Once you make your FIRST sale, then you immediately make another video showing proof of your sale, and send that out to your list.  This is where you start to see the income double and triple.  Once you get through your first 5 sales, this formula will start to work with mathematical consistency that you can measure (I’ve done this).

Then just rinse and repeat EVERY week.  That’s how you go from ZERO to 5K/mo+ in 90 days my friends!

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I appreciate you!




Be blessed,

James And Tina In St. Louis










Today, I just feel like sharing my recent results with Empower Network.  I have experienced a breakthrough in the past 6 months.  I’ve gone from ZERO income online, to making over $5,000/mo+ because of the what I have learned inside of the Empower Network.

February 2013 just marked my 4th month in a row of increase in my online income.  This is not a fluke…

…I just found the formula for getting money online…

I finally got invited into an Inner Circle of people who are not only willing to share the secret information, but are willing to help me implement it to get results…

…And today, I’m inviting you to be a part of what is changing my life.

I want you to see the transformation right before you eyes…

…And feel what it feels like.  Imagine this…You sit down at your computer, and type out your 2 weeks’ notice to hand into your boss tomorrow.  Feels good, doesn’t it?  Well it can happen quick!  Very quick!  I am on pace to hand mine in VERY SOON!

Let’s do it together.  I want to help you.  I want to see you succeed.

I want to see you get the information that has been kept from you.

Join our Inner Circle today…



Be blessed,

James And Tina In St. Louis










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